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Trusted Professional Staff

A Plus Adventist Children's Center has a professional staff dedicated to the development of the whole child and the philosophy of the preschool program. Our highly trained and experienced staff loves children and is committed to seeing that each child is cared for in a loving and secure environment.

Malisa Smith


Favorite thing about A+

I enjoy the Christian family atmosphere. I love the fact that God is here. We have amazing teachers that teach about how much God loves us through the stories and songs, and showing their kindness and love. Our developmentally academic curriculum is fun for the children while teaching them the basics needed to be successful. We want each family to feel like they are part of our A+ family from the moment they start here and even after they have grown up and moved on to other schools. They are a part of the long history that makes A+ so very special!

Sato Farhadnejad

Assistant Director & Teacher – Age 3

Favorite thing about A+

When I was growing up I wanted to be a teacher. Since I started working at A+, day by day my love has gotten deeper and deeper towards my job, especially towards the children. A+ is like a Christian family, where we can learn more about God’s love; because of that, we all respect and adore each other. A+ is a friendly and caring facility where “Everybody IS Somebody Special.” Trust in the Lord and A+ [“the Best Pre-School”]

Janelle Miller

Office Coordinator

Favorite thing about A+


I love getting to see the children grow from tiny kidlets spouting very enthusiastic gibberish and tripping over their own feet, to full sized “big kids” speaking fully formed (sometimes even coherent) sentences and running circles around me (sometimes literally), and yes, still sometimes tripping over their own feet.  It is amazing to see them develop into beautiful little humans, and it makes me proud to be a small part of it.

Madelaine Ayala Gonzalez

Teacher – Pre-K

Sandra Candelario

Teacher – Age 4 & Spanish

Favorite thing about A+

Something that makes me very happy is being able to work at A+ in a Christian environment, with the children. I can freely read stories about Jesus and sing songs dedicated to God. Teaching has been a ministry for me and the children are a vital part of that ministry. This is how I can bring the children to realize how much God loves us.

Keloudia Nazarian

Teacher Assistant/Substitute

Favorite thing about A+

I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to work with many wonderful children. I love being around kids to do worship, read, write and sing, helping them to build a great foundation.

Alis Zeynalyan

Teacher Assistant

Favorite thing about A+

A+ is one of the best pre-schools in Glendale. My favorite things in A+ are the environment and the good staff. I like A+ because it is a Christian school, which helps children to grow honest and gives them knowledge about Jesus. Working with a good staff I feel very comfortable and happy. Working with children makes me feel young and more energetic. That’s why I can’t imagine my life without children and A+.

Ligia Pomol

Teacher – Toddlers (18 months – Age 3)

Marta Ofelia Slade

Teacher – Toddlers (18 months – Age 3)

Favorite thing about A+

From when I worked here in the past and now I love to see the children singing here at Glendale City SDA Church on Sabbath. I also like being able to speak to the children freely about God and praying with them.

Kathy Miller

Substitute Teacher/Wonderful Person

Favorite thing about A+

I enjoy the family atmosphere at A+ Adventist Children’s Center. It is great fun for me to share the things I love with this family. I especially like sharing songs and stories about Jesus. It is gratifying to hear the children suddenly bursting into one of the songs we learned in worship! Nature is also one of my favorite things. It is exciting to watch the children develop a knowledge and appreciation of the wonderful world that God has created. Introducing children to a new and unique creature is an amazing experience for all of us! God has been so good to all of us to give us all these gifts – and salvation, too!

Carlie Vendouris

Teacher / Substitute

Favorite thing about A+

My favorite thing a out teaching at A+ is being able to watch each child grow and learn.  From helping them learn colors, to teaching them why it’s important to share, to watching them grow up with their first friends, is fun to experience.  Learning what makes each child laugh, when they are sad, or feel important when they accomplish something great, is not an easy task.  Through all the laughs, the tears, the “oopsie daisies”, and the hard moments that come with being a teacher, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I love being a part of A+, and being a part of these kids’ lives.

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